Top Films of 2017

Below are the best films of 2017 according to filmhunter. There were a few films that I missed throughout the year but out of the many I did see, here is the list as of right now. A ranking of everything I saw this year can be found at Letterboxd. A few of these have been fully reviewed here on the site. You can click on the title to see those.

14. Band Aid

Very raw. Very funny. Very, very good.

13. mother!

As usual, a disturbing mind-bending ride from Darren Aronofsky. This particular one of Biblical proportions. Hopefully people will give Noah another shot after this one.

12. Lost City of Z

The adaptation of David Grann’s fantastic book, Lost City of Z, is the perfect example of how to adapt a great book into a great film.

11. It Comes At Night

The questions this film made me ask of myself as a father are troubling. Very beautiful and very difficult.

10. The Trip to Spain

The Trip franchise may be one of the best film franchises to emerge since I’ve been alive. They are so effortlessly hilarious, beautiful and moving, yet you get the sense that film itself isn’t taking itself very seriously, which somehow makes it better. This third installment in the series is wonderfully different from the first two, yet exactly like them.

9. The Shape of Water

Classic Hollywood turned inside out and subverted. So much fun to experience on every sensory level. Sally Hawkins defiantly telling off Michael Shannon with sign language is one of the most powerful things I’ve seen on screen in a long while.

8. Lady Bird

How in the world is this a directorial debut? So much heart and compassion. You feel like Gerwig cared deeply and equally for every character onscreen, no matter the size of the role. Laurie Metcalf and Tracy Letts are phenomenal in this.

7. Get Out

Get Out is the rare type of art that encompasses a multitude of messages and world views all wrapped up into an incredibly entertaining tale.

6. Blade Runner 2049

Absolutely does justice to the original while being totally unique in its vision and direction. Beautiful and affecting film.

5. Columbus

Everything that I love about movies is here. This feels like getting to see a future hall of famer throw his first strike across the plate. The pacing, the editing, the cinematography, the direction, the tone, it’s all so very good in this. I find that what impressed me most thoughout are all of the very small, minute details that Kogonada throws in like when we can see characters speaking or crying but we don’t hear them. It’s almost like we have witnessed beautiful moment after beautiful moment but the most intense or special ones are reserved solely for the characters and we are merely jealous onlookers, wishing we were part of the relationships being formed. What a beautiful film.

4. Dawson City Frozen Time

Gorgeous documentary. Not sure whether Bill Morrison, Alex Somers, or John Somers should get the lions share of the credit but the collaboration is unbelievable. About to go down the Bill Morrison rabbit hole.

3. Dunkirk

Very epic and very intimate. Chaotic and loud while being quiet and still. And both achingly beautiful and deeply stained.

2. Phantom Thread

Watching a PTA film at the theatre is such a gift. This is yet another masterpiece by him. A quieter, much more subtle turn from Lewis that makes it even more impressive and engaging in my opinion. Watching this for the first time is like meeting someone for the first time that I know I will have many great conversations with in the future.

1. A Ghost Story

Absolutely gorgeous.

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